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This year’s Miss COA (short for “Commission on Audit”) is the candidate from Luzon, Ms. Nicole M. Reglos, 25, from Lipa City, Batangas.  She is a State Auditing Examiner II, currently assigned at the Water Districts and Other Corporate Government Audit Sector (CGAS) Stand Alone Agencies under COA Regional Office No. IV-A.

Nicole was born on March 6, 1999.  She studied in Talinong Bulilit Bahay Iskwela for grade school and in Canossa Academy Lipa City for high school.  She majored in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the University of Batangas, and graduated Magna Cum Laude.  However for Nicole, her greatest achievement is not her academic achievements, but the ideals she holds within and the love she shares with her family.  She is truly grateful to be in a supportive environment at home, where everyone in her family feels appreciated and encouraged to pursue his or her goals in life.

Nicole loves singing, and she certainly proved it during the Mr. and Ms. COA Talent Competition where she sang and danced with her fellow Luzon representative, Mr. Michael Joe Castro from Region IV-B.  Nicole eventually won Miss Talent, which not only proves her love for singing but also her ability to sing superbly.

According to our Miss COA, she loves to eat crispy pata, which may seem hard to believe considering that she has a svelte figure. Other than that, she loves to binge watch television shows or listen to OPM music. On her free time, she either goes online shopping or play mobile games, especially Mobile Legends.

Unlike most young people, Nicole hopes to succeed in life so that one day she could repay her parents for all their sacrifices.  On the grander scale, she hopes to make a significant difference in her community by working as a dedicated public servant.

According to Nicole, if there is one moment in life where she felt most proud of herself, it was when she passed the licensure examinations for Certified Public Accountants.  For her, it was a result of not only her own hard work, but also of her family’s sacrifices and support.

On a lighter note, our Miss COA enjoys playing with her dog at home, create art works or simply apply makeup on herself as a way of expressing her creativity.

Nicole is one person who loves interacting with people, although growing up she was really shy.  In fact, she shares that she never considered competing in beauty pageants.  She avoided pageants as she disliked being the center of attention.  However, things changed when she joined COA. Barely three months since she started in COA, she was unexpectedly chosen to compete in the Mr. and Ms. COA Region IV-A.  Her initial reaction was to wonder how she could ever survive the pageant.  However, her fears took a back seat when she felt the overwhelming support of her Water Districts and PSAO Batangas family.  She only prayed for a First Runner-up finish though, just enough to make her officemates proud and in order to avoid the next level competition, which is the Miss COA Luzon Group pageant.  Luckily, she not only got her wish of winning First Runner-Up, but also bagged the Best in Talent award.  However, despite her First Runner-Up finish, the Regional Director of Regional Office No. IV-A decided that instead of just one female representative, two female representatives from the Region will join the Miss COA Luzon Group pageant.  Hence, both the Miss COA Region IV-A and the First Runner-Up went to the next level competition. The rest, as they say, is history, as Nicole eventually represented Luzon in the national search for Ms. COA 2024.

Nicole’s  motto in life “Veni, vidi, vici” (“I came, I saw, I conquered”), which she shared in her answer to the pageant’s final Q&A portion clearly captured her journey from being the hesitant shy girl to being crowned Miss COA 2024.