In a triumph that resonates far beyond the stage, the Luzon Group of the Commission on Audit (COA) has secured victory in the COA Nationwide Hip-hop Dance Competition on May 2, 2024, highlighting one of the significant events in the celebration of COA’s 125th Anniversary as an established government institution.

Competing against formidable opponents from Visayas, Mindanao, and the National Capital Region Groups, the Luzon Dance Force, comprised of 12 employees from COA Regional Office No. IV-A showcased unparalleled talent and determination under the leadership of visionary choreographer Mark Andrew B. Cababan and the astute management of Atty. John Arvin B. Atie, Supervising Auditor, Local Government Audit Sector A – Province of Batangas I. Their journey from auditors to hip-hop phenoms exemplifies the power of dedication and teamwork.

With unwavering grit and grace, the Luzon Dance Force balanced rigorous rehearsals with the demands of audit report preparation, embodying resilience and commitment. Guided by                 Mr. Cababan’s expertise, whose accolade includes being the head choreographer of Ultimate HipHop Batangas and a silver medalist in the Domination World Championship, they crafted a performance that captivated audiences and celebrated Filipino heritage.

Drawing inspiration from Apo Whang-Od’s iconic “pagbabatok” tattooing method, the Luzon Dance Force paid homage to the rich cultural tapestry of the Philippines, infusing their routine with depth and meaning. Their victory not only showcases their talents but also underscores one’s potential for creativity in unexpected avenues.

Securing the championship title in the dance competition exemplifies the COA’s core value for excellence, demonstrating that even beyond their primary responsibilities, they can excel with passion and commitment. It is not merely a personal triumph, but a compelling inspiration for others to embrace their talents outside the scope of their daily tasks.