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In an era of dynamic workplaces and ever-evolving audit landscapes, the role of effective team building has never been more crucial, making COA IV-A’s recently concluded Gender Learning Session (GLS) very timely.

Held in the center of the city known as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” and dubbed as the “City of Pines” because of its majestic pines and cool climate the three-day GLS was conducted at the Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS), Baguio City last August 10 to 12, 2023 and attended by the officials headed by Regional Director Atty. Resurreccion C. Quieta and OIC-Assistant Regional Director Melanie P. Ruidera with the personnel of the Regional Office, Local Government Audit Sector (LGAS), National Government Audit Sector (NGAS) and Corporate Government Audit Sector (CGAS)

Through a series of purposeful interactions and engaging challenges, the GLS activities and fun games aimed to enhance that unique COA IV-A culture that values collaboration, camaraderie and build bridges of understanding and communication. The marathon of games injects an element of fun and excitement, a break away from the monotony of routinary tasks in the office. The sense of accomplishment and shared experiences generated by the games were appreciated by the Teams during the GLS.

Atty. Rex Quieta emphasized that the “GLS activity is aimed to enhance the quality and efficacy of the service of the men and women of Region IV-A, including the field auditors who joined the GLS, simply put, we enhance the quality by finding ways to improve not because we’re not doing good but because our work is dynamic and full of challenges, that’s why I encourage everyone to be proactive to address the challenges. We all know that challenges make life interesting and overcoming challenges makes it more meaningful.”

In her closing remarks, ARD Melanie Ruidera stated, “During the fun games, we concluded that camaraderie or a mutual trust is essential in maintaining success which is the key point of RD Quieta’s introductory message. Ramdam na ramdam natin sa ganitong gathering ang kanyang support.” She extended her gratitude to the Supervising Auditors (SAs), Division Chiefs (DCs), Audit Team Leaders (ATLs) and Audit Team Members who made the event possible.

The event was graced by the presence of OIC-Regional Director of the Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR), Renato O. Rosales, and OIC-Assistant Regional Director, Atty. Bernard D. Bakilan.