“I am so very thankful for my supportive bosses, RD Rex, ARD Juniel and SA Rudy, I am grateful that my hardwork has not gone unnoticed. Thank you to all who are always there (my family, friends and co-workers) believing in my strengths and capabilities and not letting me down. And above all, thank you God for your divine guidance,” says Ms. Olivia C. Puhawan, Audit Team Leader, Team No. R4A-07, Province of Laguna, one of the ten (10) newly minted State Auditor IV.

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On July 18, 2022, a total of one hundred and six (106) COA Region IV-A (CALABARZON) personnel consisting of  91 promotion for one (1) Attorney V, ten (10) State Auditor IV, forty-three (43) State Auditor III, twenty-six (26) State Auditor II, three (3) State Auditor I, one (1) Computer Maintenance Technologist III, one (1) State Technical Audit Specialist II, two (2) Administrative Officer IV, three (3) Administrative Officer IV; and fifteen (15) new recruits made up of thirteen (13) thirteen State Auditing Examiner II and two (2) Administrative Aide VI were handed their appointment papers and took their Oath of Office and Pledge of Integrity before Regional Director Atty. Resurreccion C. Quieta, Assistant Regional Director Juniel D. Sadiasa, Division Chief Melanie P. Ruiedera, Audit and Government  Accountancy Division.


The momentous occasion viewed by some as “mass promotion” is a testament to deliver CALABARZON’s continuing commitment to intensify the “promotion and recruitment drive” based on merit and fitness that started in the 1st quarter of the year when more than forty (40) personnel of CALABARZON were also promoted.


Through the steadfast leadership of CALABARZON’s officers headed by RD Atty. Rex C. Quieta and ARD Juniel Sadiasa, the Region vows to promote the morale, efficiency, and integrity of the CALABARZON personnel, and to strengthen the merit and rewards system through the integration of human resource for all levels and ranks.


Hereunder are the newly promoted personnel and new recruits, congratulations to all!



No. Name Position
1 Atty. Barbara Christine A. Ruste Attorney V
2 Elna D. Capistrano State Auditor IV
3 Ma Celia N. Capuno State Auditor IV
4 Renato C. Ciriaco State Auditor IV
5 Perlita V. Enopia State Auditor IV
6 Joseph S. Estorninos State Auditor IV
7 Mylene C. Mayo State Auditor IV
8 Amor C. Naranjo State Auditor IV
9 Susan S. Patajo State Auditor IV
10 Olivia C. Puhawan State Auditor IV
11 Edlyne A. Rosete State Auditor IV
12 Analyn A. Alea State Auditor III
13 Riza L. Andalan State Auditor III
14. Marivic B. Balotcopo State Auditor III
15 Emerson D. Blanco State Auditor III
16 Candy Angelica B. Borbe State Auditor III
17 Guia Mhel R. Canary State Auditor III
18 Corrine P. Caparas- Agbuya State Auditor III
19 Michelle T. Castillo State Auditor III
20 Concesa B. Cay State Auditor III
21 James Arvee P. Co State Auditor III
22 Maria Victoria B. Corcuera State Auditor III
23 Ma. Teresa C. De Castro State Auditor III
24 Vryan R.V. R. De Chavez State Auditor III
25 Marissa B. Dimaranan State Auditor III
26 Irven F. Falamig State Auditor III
27 Aren Rose E. Galvez State Auditor III
28 Marjorie T. Ganon State Auditor III
29 Arwin A. Halili State Auditor III
30 Ranillo P. Idlisan State Auditor III
31 Karen R. Inojosa State Auditor III
32 Ma Nelly N. Jacalan State Auditor III
33 Timothy Wilson C. Juliano State Auditor III
34 April Abbey Joy C. Luces State Auditor III
35 Louella D. Magsino State Auditor III
36 Joy D. Morales State Auditor III
37 Kristine C. Navarro State Auditor III
38 Karen Gay C. Nisperos State Auditor III
39 Rosendo Y. Obien State Auditor III
40 Cris Emmanuel D. Padua State Auditor III
41 Royce P. Pardo State Auditor III
42 Natalie Joy M. Pereña State Auditor III
43 Grellie G. Raval State Auditor III
44 Almira May C. Rivera State Auditor III
45 Lorraine Abigail B.
State Auditor III
46 Jocelyn P. Robles State Auditor III
47 Verna Lyn G. Rolle State Auditor III
48 Mylene G. Romano State Auditor III
49 Hazelyne A. Rosales State Auditor III
50 Prince Albert P. Salvahan State Auditor III
51 Maria Angelica H. Santiago State Auditor III
52 Victor L. Tagtagon State Auditor III
53 Jean Monique O. Tolentino State Auditor III
54 Jesusa R. Venegas State Auditor III
55 Abegail C. Amores State Auditor II
56 Evander M. Arcenal State Auditor II
57 Aldrin John C. Aquino State Auditor II
58 Mary Joy C. Atienza State Auditor II
59 Aniceto P. Bautista Jr. State Auditor II
60 Arlyn A. Cabrera State Auditor II
61 Ruffa E. Celis State Auditor II
62 Karen Shane D. Cuaresma State Auditor II
63 Lester Jim C. Dela Paz State Auditor II
64 Sharmaine C. Dionisio State Auditor II
65 Joehharra P. Dueñas State Auditor II
66 Angelei G. Ebora State Auditor II
67 Carla Gabrielle P. Eusebio State Auditor II
68 Loradel D. Evangelista State Auditor II
69 Patricia Erika B. Hernandez State Auditor II
70 John Carlo R. Loizaga State Auditor II
71 Claudette D. Maan State Auditor II
72 .Jerome R. Mangundayao State Auditor II
73 Jianne Faith M. Medrano State Auditor II
74 Katherine G. Paceño State Auditor II
75 Alexandra L. Paglinawan State Auditor II
76 Jenica Allysa R. Pajanil State Auditor II
77 May Anne S. Salvahan State Auditor II
78 Jenica Salena C. Tan State Auditor II
79 Benjie V. Tubelleza State Auditor II
80 Ruffa D. Valenzona State Auditor II
81 Hazel Anne A. Yasoña State Auditor II
82 Jasper M. Sacdalan Computer Maintenance Technologist III
83 Santiago Francisco V. Sagad III State Auditor I
84 Nherivee C. Saren State Auditor I
85 Jessica J. Zaide State Auditor I
86 Angelyn B. Oroña-Cabagay Administrative Officer IV
87 James Matthew C. Zara Administrative Officer IV
88 Angelo H. Melgazo State Technical Audit Specialist II
89 Pamela S. Buhay Administrative Assistant III
90 Edmar L. Corotan Administrative Assistant III
91 Maria Clarissa E. De Vera Administrative Assistant III
92 Jovy C. Aldovino State Auditing Examiner II
93 Mylene D. Alega State Auditing Examiner II
94 Gabrielle T. Cayabyab State Auditing Examiner II
95 Brian K. Del Mundo State Auditing Examiner II
96 Ferdinand G. Duldulao, Jr. State Auditing Examiner II
97 Beverly Grace R. Espinoza State Auditing Examiner II
98 Mervilyn E. Landicho State Auditing Examiner II
99 Gabriel Noah G. Manalo State Auditing Examiner II
100 Carmina S. Matarong State Auditing Examiner II
101 Darryl Jay A. Medina State Auditing Examiner II
102 Maria Catherine Michelle V. Mercado State Auditing Examiner II
103 Kyle Xavier L. Somera State Auditing Examiner II
104 Neonilo N. Vallente State Auditing Examiner II
105 Peter John S. Cacao Administrative Aide VI
106 Rainer D. Yap Administrative Aide VI