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With the aim to establish various audit strategies to be employed in the upcoming audit engagements and cash examinations, COA Region IV-A’s Audit Group for Water Districts and Other Corporate Government Audit Sector (CGAS) Stand-Alone Agencies held its Mid-Year Assessment and Planning Conference at the La Fermar Resort, Botolan, Zambales last June 27-28, 2022, attended by Supervising Auditor (SA) Sylvia A. Espiritu, staff of the Office of the SA, the outgoing and incoming Audit Team Leaders (ATLs) and the Audit Team Members (ATMs) with Assistant Regional Director (ARD) Juniel D. Sadiasa as the Guest of Honor.

SA Sylvia Espiritu, in her welcome remarks, congratulated all the audit teams for the timely Annual Audit Reports (AARs) submission, she highlighted the essence of grace under pressure and taking short breaks in between to avoid burnout.

In response, ARD Juniel in his special message, commended the teams for their hard work and dedication. He emphasized the importance of teamwork especially with the fast-paced audit engagements and tight deadlines. He further accentuated the relevance of understanding and empathy in pressure-packed situations, especially those ones that are beyond anyone’s control, particularly when audit engagements can be challenging.

The accomplishments for the first semester were discussed and the proposed audit activities for the second semester were presented. Certificates of Recognition were given to the audit teams and the OSA staff for their exemplary work. To liven the program, an intermission number was rendered by selected ATMs, with the special participation from ARD Juniel Sadiasa and SA Sylvia Espiritu. The second day featured the farewell messages for the outgoing ATLs, including the pieces of advice for the incoming ATLs.

“It was my first time to attend an in-person planning conference after the pandemic. This was a meaningful one because we were able to share our audit experiences with the whole audit group and learn from each other. I was also happy since ARD Juniel was there to guide and motivate us. It reminded me that we are one family,” says Ms. Christine Mae R. Ranario, ATM, Team R4A-06, Rizal Water District, which surely reflects the sentiments of the whole audit group.