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On May 30, 2022, the Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Point System of COA Regional Office No. IV-A (ROIV-A) spearheaded the “Physical and Mental Fitness Program” thru the weekly face to face Zumba sessions.

The resumption of the one (1) hour allotment considered reasonable time for regular physical fitness exercise is an integral part of COA ROIV-A’s drive to develop a healthy and alert workforce since it is a well-known fact that office work can be stressful more often than not.

“So thankful kasi nakakatangal po ang exercise ng stress and tension, lalo sa back pain kasi na-stretch po ako, ang sarap magpawis,” says Ms. Daphne Dallego who joined the first face to face Zumba session post pandemic era and promised to attend the weekly Zumba sessions thereon.

Government personnel are allowed one (1) hour each week for the conduct of health awareness program pursuant to Civil Service Commission Memorandum Circular 8, s. 2011 re: Reiteration of the Physical Fitness Program “Great Filipino Workout”.