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     “True to the essence of Bayanihan which is the spirit of civic unity and cooperation among Filipinos, what started as a simple cleaning operations for the overgrown bushes around our area has now blossomed into a landscaping panorama through the hard work, cooperation and true bayanihan spirit of ATFS officers and staff, with the assistance of Supervising Auditor Rodolfo Asuncion and most specially TechITS who served as the forerunners for the design of this wonderful scenery,” says the hard working Office of the Regional Director, Service Chief, Melanie P. Ruidera in her opening remarks during the short program to commemorate the grand opening of the newly-constructed/renovated Landscape Garden Park.

      On April 4, 2022, the new Landscape Garden Park of COA Region No. IV-A Building was officially opened to the public with the holding of the ribbon-cutting ceremony led by the Hon. Chairperson Rizalina Noval-Justol, Hon. Commissioner. Roland Café Pondoc, Hon. Commissioner Mario Gonzales Lipana, together with Regional Director Resurreccion C. Quieta, Assistant Regional Director Juniel D. Sadiasa,Supervising Auditors, Regional Supervising Auditors, Audit Team Leaders, Audit Team Members, special guests and all other COA officials and personnel.

     Director Resurreccion C. Quieta welcomed the Commission Proper and thanked them for attending the short ribbon cutting ceremony, he emphasized that it was through the support of  everyoneat Region IV-A which made the project possible.

     The Commission Proper had nothing but praises for Region IV-A’s initiative to provide a haven and respite for COA employees as the Landscape Garden Park will serve as an avenue to improve the health and wellness of the COAn community.

     Comm. Mario Gonzales Lipana commended the leadership of RD Rex Resurreccion and ARD Juniel Sadiasa as well as praised the whole of Region IV-A family for undertaking the landscaping/beautification project.

   While Comm. Roland Café Pondoc proactively suggested that the improvements in the building could be tied up with COA’s environmental efforts and even recounted that one of the regional offices in Mindanao named a small portion of their region’s park, Roland’s Café. He also suggested that if it is possible, we could plant a tree in honor of the Chairperson.

     In response, Chairperson  Rizalina Noval-Justol expressed her joy at Comm Pondoc’s suggestion and insisted that she wants to be the one to plant the tree and the one who will care for it while she’s in COA. She even extended that the beautification should include the street island along Commonwealth Avenue near Gates 1 and 2.

     Assistant Regional Director Juniel Sadiasa delivered the closing remarks.  He thanked everyone who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and acknowledged all the committees involved and the people behind the scene who tirelessly executed the planning and design of the project headed by Ms. Carmelita Asi, Section Head, General Services Office.

     The affair was hosted by Ms. Cruzette Dela Cruz, Ms. Maria Luisa Aganan and Mr. Dexter Clamor.