COA Region IV-A is off to a good start with the upcoming deadlines and submissions of the various Regional Consolidated Management Letter (RCML) and Annual Audit Report (AAR), with the first RCML to be submitted and approved by Regional Director Atty. Resurreccion C. Quieta on March 11, 2022.

          The Audit Team assigned at the National Food Authority (NFA) Region IVA comprising of the teams from NFA-Batangas, NFA-Laguna, NFA-Quezon bagged the honor of being the first team among the ROIVA-National Government Sector and ROIVA-Corporate Government Sector to be reviewed and approved for Calendar Year (CY) 2021.

         “It was through the diligence, hard work, continuous support and cooperation of all the Audit Team Leaders and Members which made this possible,” says Ms. Edita M. Corpus, Regional Supervising Auditor who led the audit teams to hit the audit targets earlier than the actual deadline of  March 15, 2022.

        “The thrust of the audit plan was to set an earlier time frame to compliment the Specific Audit Instruction from Central Office, and thankfully we were able to deliver,” Ms. Corpus further stated.

          When asked if they dreamed of being the first, “We never dreamed that we would be the first team nor imagined that we would be recognized for this, we simply worked hard for it,” she humbly stated.

          “We give credit where credit is due, so we congratulate them on this and  we will continue to monitor the submissions of the different audit teams,” was the official statement from the Office of the Regional Director.

             Hereunder is the list of the complete Audit Teams of NFA IV-A, keep up the good work!

Name Designation
Alice C. Ayap ATL, NFA-Batangas
Rei Marian D. Leynes ATM, NFA-Batangas
Athena N. Estremos OIC-ATL, NFA Laguna
Jessica J. Aldea ATM, NFA Laguna
Nelia P. Billanes OIC-ATL, NFA Quezon
Ma. Victoria B. Corcuera ATM, NFA Quezon